Trinity & Globecaster Closeout

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Authorized End of Life Distribution.

RealMagic Xcard, NetStream2000

Limited Supply available from the last production run. NetStream4000 (all gone)

Pricing and Ordering


Servers and Storage

2, 4, 6 and higher Terrabyte High Speed Servers

  • w/ith or without Media Encoder.
  • SATA & SCSI Video High Speed Storage 2,4,6 and higer Terrabyte Storage
  • Std. and High Def Video


Video Editing Workstations

PC Based

Dual and Quad based Opteron workstations.

Intel Core 2 Duo Based workstations

Internal Storage to 3+ Terrabytes

Read/Right speeds for ediitng via Raid 5 from 400 to 800MB/Sec

Specialize in Sony Vegas high end workstations. Also appropirate for Adobe Premiere

Final Cut Pro Systems

Custom Based systems, call for consultation. We specialize in mass storage and speed for workstations and servers. Will integrate AJA or BlackMagic.


Demo Systems and Ideas for our Media 100 Friends

  • Media 100i, iFinish and other fine peripherals.
  • Custom built external high speed storage for digital editing.

GlobeCaster. A live production studio in a box. CG, Effects Generation, 3D Warp Effects, Linear and Non-Linear Video Editing make this a unique workhorse.

Trinity. Systems, parts, upgrades. Up to 50% off on parts and systems in stock.. Build your own configurations. Limited systems and parts availability.

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Globecaster and Trinity Parts & Configurations


System Specials

Globecaster Systems & New Trinity System Builds Upgraded to Globecasters


Parts Specials

Trinity Warp Engine

Free Composite/YC Input Module


Complete Parts List

Complete Price List GlobelStreams & Trinity



Encoding Station

2,4, or 6 Terrabytes.

9,16, or 24 Bay units.

w/ Encoder. Can process two completely different live video sources into multiple bitrate, multiple format compressed media streams. Realtime and faster than real time depending on file formats.

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